Jeff Dunne

Engineering | Mixing | Mastering

Los Angeles, CA


I'm a guitarist, engineer, and mixer based out of Los Angeles, California. I like to achieve modern, big-budget sounds with everyday tools and guerrilla-style recording techniques, and work primarily with metal, hardcore, and pop punk bands. I'm a firm believer in getting sounds and takes right from the source, but I also know that you can spraypaint a turd silver if it needs to be polished.

When I'm not in the studio I keep myself busy with travel, searching for new coffee/food/beer places, and building software for leadership at NationBuilder.


Crown The Empire - Retrograde
E/Mix Assist

Cane Hile - Smile

Sever The Voices - Old Wounds

Red Seas Fire - Confrontation

P = Produce | E = Engineer | M = Mix | MA = Master
DE = Drum Edit | RA = Reamp | W = Write

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