Jeff Dunne

Engineering | Mixing | Mastering

Los Angeles, CA


I'm a guitarist, engineer, and mixer who spent a decade as the go-to editor for Joey Sturgis, Dave Otero, and other top metal producers before taking a more concerted effort towards producing and mixing bands on my own. My deep background in tracking, editing, and mix engineering allows me to quickly hone-in problem areas and make the best out of any given source sound.


I currently work as an engineer and co-mixer alongside producer WZRD BLD aka Drew Fulk, where I craft tones and help mix records for bands like Emmure, Chelsea Grin, Cane Hill, and Fit For A King.


I'm also taking on my own mixing and mastering projects - if you play in, or have recorded songs for any new and exciting heavy bands that are looking for a defined, realistic, and crushingly heavy sound, please get in touch via the form below!


Crown The Empire - 20/20

Fit For A King - Dark Skies

For I Am King - Prey

Chelsea Grin - Eternal Nightmare

Void of Vision - Disturbia

Cane Hill - Too Far Gone

Crystal Lake - Apollo

Emmure - Look At Yourself

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