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Year Artist Title Label Credit
2023 Make Them Suffer Ghost Of Me Sharptone E/M/MA
2023 Currents The Death We Seek Sharptone M/MA
2023 Archetypes Collide Self Titled Fearless M
2023 Make Them Suffer Doomswitch Sharptone E/M/MA
2023 Chelsea Grin Suffer In Heaven OneRPM E/M/MA
2023 Seconds Ago Dysphoria Self M/MA
2023 For I Am King Crown Prime M/MA
2023 Another Day Dawns Bitter Century Media M
2022 Disturbed Divisive Reprise M
2022 We Came As Romans Darkbloom Prime M/MA
2022 Chelsea Grin Suffer In Hell OneRPM E/M/MA
2022 Gloom In The Corner Trinity Sharptone E/M/MA
2022 Within Destruction Lotus Self M/MA
2022 Fit For A King The Hell We Create Solid State M/MA
2022 Dial Tone Catch Your Breath Self M/MA
2022 Stick To Your Guns Spectre Pure Noise E/M/MA
2021 Stick To Your Guns More Of Us Than Them (Single) Pure Noise M/MA
2021 Pressure Cracks Cancel Couture (single) War Against Records M/MA
2021 Ocean Sleeepr Forever Sinking BMG AUS P/M/MA
2021 Levels Eon (Single) Independent M/MA
2021 Ice Nine Kills Welcome To Horrorwood Fearless M/MA
2021 Veil of Maya Outrun (Single) Sumerian M/MA
2021 Wage War Manic Fearless M/MA
2021 Silent Planet Iridescent Solid State M/MA
2021 Another Day Dawns Look at You (Single) Independent M/MA
2021 Make Them Suffer Contraband (Single) Rise M/MA
2021 Synsnake Fluxus Watch Out! M/MA
2021 Born of Osiris Angel or Alien Sumerian M/MA
2021 Alluvial Sarcoma Nuclear Blast M/MA
2021 Veil of Maya Viscera (Single) Sumerian M/MA
2021 Annalynn A Conversation With Evil Warner M/MA
2020 Crystal Lake Voyages (re-issue) Sharptone M/MA
2020 Chelsea Grin Blind Kings/Bleeding Sun OneRPM M/MA
2020 Fit For A King The Path Solid State E/M/MA
2020 The Gloom in the Corner Violence, Warfare, Ultimate Pluvia Indie M/MA
2020 Crystal Lake Watch Me Burn Sharptone M/MA
2020 Emmure Hindsight Sharptone E/M/MA
2020 Make Them Suffer How To Survive A Funeral Rise E/M/MA
2020 Veil Of Maya Outsider (Single) Sumerian M/MA
2020 Silent Planet Trilogy (Single) Solid State M/MA
2020 Pressure Cracks This Is Called Survival War Against E/M/MA
2019 Thousand Below Gone in Your Wake Rise M/MA
2019 Wage War Pressure Fearless E/M/MA
2019 Make Them Suffer Hollow Heart Rise M/MA
2019 Crown The Empire Sudden Sky Rise M/MA
2019 Motionless In White Disguise Roadrunner E/M/MA
2019 The Gloom in the Corner Flesh & Bones Indie M/MA
2019 Aviana Epicenter Arising Empire M/MA
2019 Crystal Lake Helix Sharptone M/MA
2018 Can't Swim This Too Won't Pass Pure Noise M/MA
2018 Memphis May Fire Broken Rise M/MA
2018 Crystal Lake The Circle Artery E/M/MA
2018 Ice Nine Kills The Silver Scream Fearless E/M/MA
2018 Crown The Empire 20/20 Rise E/M/MA
2018 For I Am King I Redfield E/M/MA
2018 Fit For A King Dark Skies Solid State E/M/MA
2018 Chelsea Grin Eternal Nightmare Rise E/M/MA
2018 The Plot In You Dispose Fearless E/M
2018 Cane Hill Too Far Gone Rise E/M/MA 
2018 Crossfaith Wipeout Sony Japan E/M
2017 Void of Vision Disturbia EP UNFD M/MA 
2017 Crystal Lake Apollo Artery E/M/MA 
2017 We Came As Romans Cold Like War Sharptone E/M 
2017 Crossfaith Freedom Sony Japan E/M 
2017 The Plot In You Feel Nothing Fearless E/M 
2017 The White Noise AM/PM Fearless E/M 
2017 Motionless In White Graveyard Shift Roadrunner E
2017 Emmure Look At Yourself SharpTone E/M
2016 Bad Seed Rising Awake In Color Roadrunner DE/M
2016 Crown The Empire Retrograde Rise E/Mix assist
2016 Cane Hill Smile Rise E/M/MA
2016 Bedowyn Blood of the Fall Via Nocturna Editing
2015 Burials The View From Here Is Beautiful... Independent Drum Editing
2015 Sever The Voices Old Wounds Independent E/M/MA
2014 Aversions Crown Tyrant Nuclear Blast Drum Editing
2014 Red Seas Fire Confrontation Independent M/MA
2014 Decadawn Solitary Confinement Independent Drum Editing
2014 Buried In Verona Faceless UNFD/Artery Drum Editing
2014 Animals as Leaders  The Joy of Motion Sumerian Drum Editing
2014 Glamour of the Kill Savages eOne Drum Editing
2013 To Each His Own Ratchet City Artery E/M/MA
2013 Blessthefall Hollow Bodies Fearless Drum Editing
2013 Seasons Change Nothing & Everything No Sleep E/M/MA
2013 Attila About That Life Artery Drum Editing
2013 I See Stars  New Demons Sumerian Drum Editing
2013 Sever The Voices Separation Anxiety Indie E/M/MA
2013 Asking Alexandria From Death to Destiny Sumerian Drum Editing
2013 Chunk! No, Captain, Chunk!  Pardon My French Fearless Drum Editing
2013 Neck Deep A History Of Bad Decisions Hopeless Drum Programming
2013 Born of Osiris  Tomorrow We Die ∆live Sumerian Drum Editing
2013 Far From Kansas Pictures Framed by their Borders SFS Records E/M/MA
2012 Daylight Dies A Frail Becoming Candlelight Drum Editing
2012 I See Stars  Digital Renegade Sumerian Drum Editing
2012 The Word Alive Life Cycles Fearless Drum Editing
2012 Emmure  Slave to the Game Victory Drum Editing
2012 Crown The Empire  The Fallout Rise Drum Editing
2012 Bury Tomorrow  The Union of Crowns Nuclear Blast Vocal Editing
2011 Far From Kansas Rome Wasn't Burned in a Day SFS Records E/M/MA
2011 The Color Morale  My Devil in Your Eyes Rise Drum Editing
2011 Of Mice & Men The Flood Rise Drum Editing
2011 Attila Outlawed Artery Drum Editing
2011 The Good Age You Don't Know Independent P/E/M/MA
2011 Vale of Pnath  The Prodigal Empire Willowtip Drum Editing
2010 Cephalic Carnage Mislead by Certainty Relapse Editing
2010 The Good Age Apologies in Advance Independent E/M/MA
2010 Allegaeon  Fragments of Form and Function Metal Blade Editing